Respect the planet

We all have boundaries and want to feel respected. Our planet is no different and at Lindex, we will not be a bystander in the biggest environmental crisis of our time.

There can be no empowerment in a ruined environment

We want to empower and inspire women everywhere. Labour conditions, gender inclusiveness and female health are just part of this puzzle. We must go a step further and ask, what does it take – as a woman in today’s world - to be able to feel empowered and inspired? Other needs come first: you can’t fulfil your potential without access to clean water, food, shelter and safety. These basic needs rely on functioning natural ecosystems. If our world’s climate warms beyond the limit of 1.5 degrees, it will become a world without enough clean water and food; a world of social unrest and conflict. And women are the ones who are the most affected. In this way, our higher purpose pushes us to do more to drive circularity in the fashion industry and limit climate change. Because the fashion industry not only depends on our planet’s resources – we also consume a lot of them.

The importance of a circular economy

With a growing population and unsustainable consumption patterns, we use up more natural resources than our planet can handle. The fashion industry depends on and consumes a lot of natural resources. At Lindex, we believe the only way to go is a circular transformation of our business – where we create value, sales and growth while decreasing our climate impact, minimising our use of natural resources and impacting consumer behaviour to reduce overconsumption This is not an easy task – it is definitely a journey. We need to reimagine the entire system and we need to test, learn, innovate and collaborate along the way.

Respect the planet – our three core aims


Accelerating energy efficiency and transition to renewable energy, to reduce our climate impact in line with science in our entire value chain. Here is a selection of our goals:

  • By 2023, we will be climate neutral in our own operations
  • By 2030, we will have reduced the CO2 emissions in our entire value chain with 50 per cent, with 2017 as baseline.


Transforming our business to create value and growth while decreasing our climate impact, minimising our use of natural resources and impacting consumer behaviour to reduce overconsumption. Here is a selection of our goals:

  • By 2025, 100 per cent of Lindex's materials will be recycled or sustainably sourced
  • By 2025, our entire assortment will be designed for longevity and/or circularity.

Natural resources

Minimising our impact on ecosystems and biodiversity with a responsible and regenerative approach to natural resources. Here is a selection of our goals:

  • By 2025, all Lindex’s business partners with water intensive operations measure their water use, have set reduction goals and incorporated reduction, reuse, and recycling of wastewater in the environmental management systems
  • By 2025, we will have removed the release of all hazardous and toxic substances from our supply chain and promote transparency and more sustainable chemistry

We continuously develop our goals, ambitions and strategies within our promise. More information and an update on our progress can be found in our annual sustainability report.

Together - as suppliers, partners, employees and customers – we can make a difference for future generations. Join us on this journey.

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