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The entire retail industry is changing, and we are in a time where it is more important than ever to leave the old at the door and find new ways to meet our customer’s expectations. And tech is in the middle of it all. 

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While our roots may be in fashion, we are also a tech company at heart. We are in the middle of a major transformation shaping the future of retail - an exciting journey where things move fast. We have high ambitions and to reach our goals we need more talented solution finders to join our team. Is that you?

Grow and develop with us

We believe in personal growth and utilising the potential of every colleague, in teams that create value together. What you spend your days with, is determined by your strengths and not a title. Your mindset, your drive and being a strong team player is everything here. We are all about having an impact together and we believe in empowered, self-organising cross functional teams.

We before me

Our strong and welcoming culture is something we really value at Lindex. With a focus on teamwork and helping each other out we work together as a whole to achieve our goals.

Hybrid workplace

We believe in flexibility, offering a hybrid work set-up meaning your primary work location is at our office in the heart of Gothenburg with the option to work remote when possible.

Influence over processes

Almost all of our development is done inhouse. This means that you get to be part of the processes from start to end and also get to influence how we shape them.

Develop your skills

With the freedom to take charge of your work and be creative, you have the opportunity to bring new ideas and solutions to the table. It's a chance to challenge yourself and grow.

Create business value

Everything you do here has a direct effect on our business. Together we test, learn and improve along the way. That's how we create real business value.

More than fashion

We aim high and have a strong will to do good. Our higher purpose and values run through everything and we truly believe in our ability to have an impact together and make a difference.

Shaping the future of retail

At Lindex, we are committed to an ongoing digital transformation that touches all areas of our business, from the way we design our clothes to how we meet our customers seamlessly through an omnichannel approach. We do that by streamlining and automating processes while constantly seeking out new and better ways to do things. There is no set list of what needs to be done, instead, we come up with solutions together and carry them out as a team working in domains with a long-term approach. Always in close collaboration with the end user and the customer in focus.

Our tech stack


We build robust applications using .NET framework, Git for version control, Azure DevOps for streamlined development, TypeScript for enhanced code, and Vue.js for dynamic user interfaces. Our development practices emphasize Test-Driven Development (TDD) for reliable, bug-free code.


Our backend tech stack includes .NET for development, Azure DevOps for collaboration, Docker for deployments, Elastic for search/analytics, MS SQL Server for data security, Redis for caching, AMQP/Kafka for message processing, and WebAssembly for high-performance web apps.

Data platform

Our data platform provides scalability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, collaboration, automation, reproducibility, and advanced analytics. Leveraging Azure, Snowflake, and various technologies such as cloud compute, data lake staging, Git, Python, streaming data, Kafka, Docker, Kubernetes, REST APIs, Airflow, Airbyte, Benthos, and CI/CD, we achieve exceptional performance and reliability. With these technologies, we gain a competitive edge, drive innovation, and unlock the full potential of our data assets.


Our tailored infrastructure environment combines Azure and hyperconverged appliances to create a robust foundation. Efficiency is maximised through automation with infrastructure as code, freeing up time for innovation. Our seamless integration with Azure services offers flexibility with virtual machines or K8S environments. With a developer-centric mindset, our team empowers cognitive offloading and automates tasks, enabling developers to create great solutions.

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Meet some of our colleagues

Our tech teams make up close to one hundred solution finders that keep everyone on their toes and together play key roles in accelerating the digital transformation. Here you’ll find competences like system developers, infrastructure specialists, data engineers and data scientists. The tech teams' work spans multiple business areas, giving the team members the opportunity to be involved in driving and shaping the direction of our initiatives.

What I appreciate most about my role is that I get to work in a progressive way with the development of different processes and system solutions, all to make our work more efficient and leave room for more tasks that create value.


Tech Business Analyst

The best thing about working at Lindex is being able to develop at a company that invests in automation, digital services and systems and where it's also possible to balance work and free time both remotely and in the office.


Senior Tech Business Analyst

I would describe the culture at Lindex as open. Many people collaborate across different teams, and it creates a very friendly community.


Data Scientist

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