Polyester and polyamide

Polyester and polyamide are synthetic fibres that have long durability and great performance, and they are the second most common materials in our assortment after cotton. Since the raw material comes from oil and is non-renewable and non-biodegradable, we are dedicated to increase the use of recycled options to reduce our impact.

Recycled polyester and polyamide

With recycled polyester and polyamide, we can reuse what has already been produced which reduces the pressure on natural resources and reduces our climate impact. Recycled polyamide is made from waste from the manufacturing industry and for recycled polyester, the most common raw material is old PET bottles. Together with our suppliers, Lindex has transformed millions of PET bottles into new garments, giving them a new life instead of ending up in the nature or in landfills.

Our goal is that 100 per cent of our materials will be recycled or sustainably sourced by 2025.


A challenge with synthetic fibres is that polyester and polyamide garments release microplastics when washed, which are so small that they pass through treatment plants and instead end up in our oceans and other water sources. They are eaten by plankton, which are eaten by fish and eventually the microplastics migrate up the food chain to ourselves. Microplastics doesn’t only come from polyester and polyamide garments, but from all plastics that end up in the water.

The research on microplastics, both on the consequences it has on humans and the environment as well as how we can prevent emissions, is still new. More research is needed to enable us to implement the most effective measures possible.

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