Lindex's baby assortment

Our entire baby assortment is made from sustainable materials. The cotton is always organic and the cotton garments are always GOTS certified. The assortment is designed to use and reuse for a long time.

Long living baby clothes

To extend the lifetime of garments is part of our sustainability promise. Our baby assortment has been carefully developed so that the products can be used as long as possible and then be passed on to younger siblings or a new baby. The high-quality products have a seasonless design and colours that lasts over time. The clothes have useful functions such as an extra row of buttons in the crotch for the bodies and foldable cuffs, which enables the garment to grow one size.

Sustainable materials and GOTS certified

We are proud that our entire baby assortment is made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. And of course, the clothes made from organic cotton are always GOTS certified. The GOTS certification ensures that all parts of the production process, including colour, prints and details has been approved according to GOTS' environmental and social criteria. 

When we use polyester in our baby clothes we only choose recycled polyester, which comes mostly from recycled PET bottles. On the hangtag price tag, you can see how many PET bottles have been used for the specific product.

Why stop there?

We want our customers to be sure that all materials are sustainable. That means that all accessories, such as hats, mittens and sunglasses, are also made from organic or recycled materials. And when we use wool, we make sure it is certified according to Responsible wool standard.

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98 per cent of our cotton comes from more sustainable sources. Read more about cotton. 

Recycled polyester

The most common raw material source for recycled polyester is old PET bottles. Read more about polyester and why recycled is the way to go.

Circular fashion

A circular approach to fashion is about resource efficiency at every stage, throughout a garment’s lifecycle. Read more about circular fashion.

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