Working at our head office

At our head office in Gothenburg you’ll find about 400 people that all work together to create the best experience for our customer and towards our higher purpose – to empower and inspire women everywhere. Here is a sneak peek into the different areas.

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Customer Experience

At the Customer Experience department, there is only one person in mind, and that is the customer. Her journey is everything. From strategic analysts and business developers, to the creative teams in our inhouse studio. Everyone works together to make our brand come alive and create the best experience for our customer. 

Meet some of the co-workers from our inhouse studio.

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Culture and Communications

Purpose. Values. Culture. Sustainability. The most common words used in the Culture and Communications department. They inspire, engage and look ahead. Simply put, they support everyone at Lindex to unite and move together in the same direction. Towards our higher purpose – to empower and inspire women everywhere.

Meet some of them behind the scenes of our shoot.

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Design and Purchase

From sketch to finished products. The Design and Purchase department produce all the Lindex collections. The creative designers sketch, develop samples and make sure to make styles you want to love and wear on repeat. And the strategic purchasers who know how to make sure to buy the right product, at the right price and at the right time. Together they make it all happen and deliver styles with attention to fit, quality and comfort. Scandinavian thinking at its best.

Meet some of our co-workers from design and purchase.


Numbers, numbers, numbers. This is the department that knows how to make Lindex a healthy business. The finance crew makes sure that all the numbers adds up in the end and are key players in helping the management making key strategic decisions to run our business as efficient as possible. From business controlling, accounting and reporting to shared services and security. These guys are the essential ingredients to our successful business.

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Global Sales

Making sales prosper is all about the customer and the Global Sales department knows it. With a multi-channel approach and digital first focus, they are strategic and operational masters in developing and powering sales figures. When it comes to delivering the best brand experience, customer feedback, flexibility and quick actions is their cup of tea.

Meet some of our co-workers whose work is all about digital sales at Lindex. 

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The IT department is filled with creative solution-finders who make sure that the digital journey at Lindex is at the forefront. They are always on the move for new things, an agile way of working and of course with data, analytics and insights always at hand. Almost all the development is happening in-house and in close co-operation with the other Lindex departments. Because, together we can make magic.

Meet some of the co-workers that work with IT at Lindex. 


It’s quite logical really. Without a global logistics department the styles wouldn’t be much. Therefore, one must love the logistic team for making sure all runs according to plan. That the collections end up at the right store, with the right amount and in the right time. As the customers behavior is constantly changing so must the logistics, and development is key here. It’s efficiency at its best in a competitor intense fashion industry. And the ambition is to be the greatest in the field. One more logical thing – the close connection between logistics and the warehouse teams.


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