At Lindex we are committed to taking climate action throughout our business. The transports of our products stand for a relevant share of our total carbon footprint and we work in several different ways to reduce its environmental impact.

More boats and trains, less flights

Air freight is not nature’s best friend, it has a major negative climate impact and we only use it in exceptional cases. Sea freight has less negative climate impact and it is our most common transport option from production to our distribution centres. When we need occasional fast deliveries, we use train transport as often as possible which has much less emissions compared to air freight.


Almost 90 per cent of all our goods are transported by boat.

By 2030, we will have reduced the CO2 emissions in our entire value chain with 50 per cent, with 2017 as baseline.

Efficient transports

There are several aspects in optimising the transport efficiency. We always distribute our products in the best way possible to have a low level of redeployment of products between our stores. In the procurement of transport to stores we also prioritise suppliers who work with similar clients. This enables combined transport for us and other brands that operate in the same shopping centre or area.

We make sure to use the space as efficiently as possible by fully loading the containers in shipments from production to our distribution centres and at our distribution centres, filling up the boxes to the last centimetre is kept top of mind. We regularly measure and follow up on the loading efficiency in containers and filling degree in the boxes.

What about the road transport?

When we choose road transport suppliers, we work with a requirement platform that was developed together with other companies in the retail and food industry and in cooperation with the Swedish Transport Administration. The platform includes requirements regarding the environment, traffic safety, alcohol and drugs, emissions, speed and compliance with legislation.

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