Together with other brands, retailers and suppliers, Lindex is committed to CanopyStyle and the initiative’s work to protect the world’s forests.

Protecting ancient and endangered forests

It is estimated that more than 150 million trees are logged and turned into fabrics such as viscose globally each year, endangering the world’s forests, biodiversity and climate. CanopyStyle is an initiative developed by Canopy, an independent environmental organisation working to protect the world’s forest globally. The initiative collaborates with brands and retailers to put pressure on the largest viscose suppliers to implement sourcing policies that ensures that ancient and endangered forests are not used in or affected by the production of the material. Canopy is also committed to driving innovation and development and has a vision that by 2030, 50 per cent of the viscose used worldwide will come from recycled textile. A vision that we stand behind and support. 

Lindex is committed to CanopyStyle and work actively in line with the initiative. Most of our viscose comes from suppliers that Canopy report to have best industry practice. We only work with suppliers with best industry practice or demonstrate ambitions to improve. We also use more sustainable viscose such as LENZINGTM ECOVEROTM and other alternatives such as lyocell. Lindex is one of the top ten users of more sustainable man-made cellulosic fibres worldwide.

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Lindex recognises that single use packaging, whether plastics or paper, currently exerts an impact on ecosystems at the resource extraction point, during production and in disposal. We are working towards our goal that all paper and plastic packaging shall follow our circular material strategy by 2025 and have commited to Canopy´s initiative Pack4Good.



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Lyocell and viscose

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