Organisation and approach

At Lindex, we believe that working with sustainability is not enough. Sustainability cannot be a separate area or department. It needs to be a mindset and integrated in everything we do. It’s not about working with sustainability – it’s about working in a sustainable way. We are not there yet, but it is the destination of our journey.   

A higher purpose and basic expectations

At Lindex, we exist to empower and inspire women, regardless of their relationship to us. It is our higher purpose and it is highly connected to our commitment to sustainability. Our sustainability promise – to make a difference for future generations – was developed with our higher purpose as a guiding star.

Our sustainability work spans over several levels – from our higher purpose as a company, to meeting our stakeholders’ expectations and staying updated with legislation. Different levels, that are all equally important.

Level 1 – a solid foundation 

Our most fundamental level of sustainability consists of due diligence, risk mitigation, policies, and requirements, as well as a sustainability commitment that all our collaborating partners are required to follow. We also work with a code of conduct which is a basic tool, but which we have enhanced by launching our own code of conduct that is more progressive within gender quality.

Read more about Lindex Code of Conduct


Level 2 – strategy turned into action

The fundamental level of sustainability is not enough if we want to make a difference for future generations. With our sustainability promise, our framework and road ahead is set and our focus areas are defined. To turn our strategy into action we set roadmaps and goals in every part of the organisation that are regularly followed up, making sustainability part of our everyday work at Lindex.


Level 3 – the game changers

With the fundamentals and sustainability integrated in our everyday work, we can achieve many great things. But it is still not enough for making a difference for future generations. Through collaboration and innovative approaches comes the game changers, the projects that takes us further than ever before. Our Better Denim is a great example, where we together with our suppliers and Jeanologia have pushed the development for large scale denim production. Another example is WE Women by Lindex, a project where we work together with our suppliers, to change the leadership style in factories and make the workplaces in our supply chain more gender equal and inclusive for women.

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How we are organised

Sustainability is a team effort and we are fortunate to be a company filled with and surrounded by dedicated people that are part of our journey. Lindex sustainability work is governed from the head office in Gothenburg. Our Corporate Sustainability Manager with team is responsible for the overall sustainability direction and strategy, and reports to the management group. The team works closely with the entire organisation in the implementation of our strategy, and each department and country organisation is responsible for reaching their set goals. In our production offices, we have local sustainability teams that develop and implement the strategy in production.

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Suppliers and factories

Initiatives and partnerships

Reports, policies and commitments

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