Pink Ribbon

Every year Lindex dedicates October, International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, to supporting the fight against cancer and contributing to cancer research through different types of activities. 

Our higher purpose as a company is to empower and inspire women everywhere. Our company is filled with and surrounded by women, and we feel a responsibility to every single one of them. At Lindex we believe that we are stronger together and when we unite efforts, we can make a difference. Many women are affected by cancer and even though many more survive today thanks to the progresses made in cancer research, it is a field of research that is in constant need of financial support.

The Pink Ribbon campaign

Lindex has been supporting the Pink Ribbon campaign since 2003. The purpose of the campaign is to finance cancer research and raise awareness about cancer and cancer prevention. The commitment units our customers and employees who show great dedication and pride every year.

Since the start, we have together with our customers contributed with 14,8 MEUR to cancer research.

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Empower women

Read more about why empowering women is such an essential part of our sustainability promise.

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