At Lindex, we will not be a bystander in the biggest environmental crisis of our time. The challenges society faces are not small and everyone must do their part. We feel the sense of urgency and are committed to taking climate action throughout Lindex business.

Climate change concerns all regions of the world and it is a threat to global development. The production, transportation, use and disposal of our products generates a significant amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) which contributes to the global warming. At Lindex we are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have aligned our actions and goals with Goal 13: Climate Action.

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Taking climate action is part of our higher purpose

At Lindex, taking climate action is highly connected to our higher purpose: to empower and inspire women everywhere. Because what does it take to be able to feel empowered and inspired? Other needs come first: you can’t fulfil your potential without access to clean water, food, shelter and safety. These basic needs rely on functioning natural ecosystems. If our world’s climate warms beyond the limit of 1.5 degrees, it will become a world without enough clean water and food; a world of social unrest and conflict. And women are the ones who are the most affected.

How we take climate action

At Lindex we are committed to taking climate action throughout Lindex business. When it comes to our own operations, we have a goal to be climate neutral by 2023. However, the majority of Lindex climate impact lies in our raw materials and production of garments – it stands for about 60 per cent of our Lindex carbon footprint. For us to take climate action, we need to reduce the emissions connected to the production, transportation, use and disposal of our products. We also need to make sure our supply chain reduces its emissions and moves to renewable energy. Our goal is in line with UN’s Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.

By 2030, we will have reduced the CO2 emissions in our entire value chain with 42 per cent, with 2017 as baseline.

Consumers also make a difference

We as a company have the biggest responsibility in reducing the climate impact of Lindex entire business. But analysis of our climate impact also shows that about a fifth of Lindex total carbon footprint lies with our customers in the user stage. In other words: the choices our customers make matters.

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