The Accord

The safety of textile workers is crucial to us at Lindex and we want to make sure that the workplaces in our whole value chain are safe and healthy. Lindex is part of the Accord which has made workplaces safer for millions of garments workers.

Lindex and the Stockmann Group have been part of the Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh since it was launched in 2013. The Accord is an independent agreement between about 200 brands and trade unions that was initiated by the two global unions, IndustryALL Global Union and UNI Global Union, in the immediate aftermath of the Rana Plaza building collapse on 24 April 2013. The Accord was created to ensure safe working environments in which no worker needs to fear fires, building collapses, or other accidents that could be prevented with reasonable health and safety measures.

The factories are audited with three different inspections on fire safety, electricity and building safety such as calculations on the carrying potential of a building. These audits complement the factory audits on nearby working environment such as sewing machines and work stations. After each inspection, a corrective action plan with deadlines is set. When the actions are completed they are inspected to make sure that all corrections have been made. Some of the most common violations to fire and building safety found in the Accord audits include missing fire doors, automatic sprinklers or fire alarm systems.


All factories producing garments for Lindex in Bangladesh are covered by the Accord.


2018 Transition Accord

The Accord was a five-year agreement and by its expiration in May 2018, it had contributed to significantly safer workplaces for millions of garment workers in Bangladesh. To maintain and continue the progress achieved under the 2013 Accord, Lindex and about 200 other brands signed the 2018 Transition Accord with the global unions, a renewed agreement which entered into effect on 1 June 2018. During the transition, a national RMG (Ready made garment) safety entity is established – the RMG Sustainability Council (RSC). When the 2018 Transition Accord expires, the RSC takes over the entire operations of the Accord, with the same infrastructure and staff.

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