Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Lindex, we are committed to creating a global culture of inclusiveness and diversity. Everyone should have equal opportunities to contribute fully to the success of our company, no matter who they are, where they come from, or the paths they have chosen. Together we create a workplace where everyone feels respected valued, and welcome.

Our commitment

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is not only an important contributor for us in creating a welcoming culture, but also key for us as a company to achieve our goals and stay competitive. We believe the power of diversity is in bringing new ideas, new energy, and new perspectives together. As we bring together more diverse teams, we will expand our ability to think differently, leading to creative, powerful, and sustainable solutions, as well as improved performance and relationships.

Why DEI matters to us

We know that diverse teams are smarter and more effective, which is why we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse culture that welcomes new ideas, new energy, and new perspectives. Promoting DEI is crucial for unlocking the full potential of our teams and organisation.

We are prioritising DEI because we want to build a strong brand and a strong company that mirrors our customers and the customers we seek to attract. We also want to attract and retain the right people, while actively seeking diverse perspectives to become more innovative and sustainable.

Beyond the business benefits highlighted above, we believe that being included and accepted for who you are is a basic human right, and that advancing diversity, equity and inclusion is a moral imperative.

Our ambitions

To become successful in our DEI journey we have set two overall ambitions. Our ambitions are there to guide us and help us to take the necessary steps to grow into the strong and diverse company we must be as we head into the future.

 1. Inclusive workplace

We want to be a workplace where everyone feels welcome to show up just as they are. As part of this, we have set the ambition and made a decision to educate all managers and teams in DEI.

2. Increased diversity

We want to have a diverse workforce where new ideas and perspectives come together. As part of this, we have set the ambition and made a decision to work with communication, awareness and more of a focus on gender balance.

Some actions to meet our ambitions include:

  • Leadership trainings on inclusion and unconscious bias to empower our leaders with the skills and insights needed to promote an inclusive culture, paving the way for a more equitable workplace.

  • Launching recruitment trainings on unconscious bias and gender de-coding to ensure that our hiring processes are fair, unbiased, and actively contribute to building a diverse and talented workforce.

  • Setting research-backed goals to increase the multicultural and gender-balanced makeup of our teams to provide a strategic roadmap, guiding our efforts to create teams that reflect the world around us.

  • Engaging with networking programmes strengthens our commitment to connecting with diverse talent pools and others sharing our vision.

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