Our choice of materials has a major impact on both people and the environment. All materials have their own challenges, and we are dedicated to always evaluating and finding the best alternatives to reduce our impact.  

Reducing our impact

Since every type of material has its own challenges, there is not one size that fits all in making better choices. Instead we need to evaluate and choose materials that make it possible to reduce our impact at Lindex. For us, it means that the raw material comes from a recycled or renewable source, and that it is grown and produced in a way that has less negative impact on natural resources compared to the conventional alternatives.

The material choices we make affect the product's quality and function as well as how it looks, feels and fits. The material also stands for a major part of a product’s total impact, because all materials require natural resources.

Our goal is that 100 per cent of our materials will be
recycled or sustainably sourced by 2026.

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Lyocell, viscose and modal

Polyester and polyamide

Animal fibres

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