With our sustainability promise - to make a difference for future generations - we have raised the bar for ourselves. We know that our choice of materials has an impact on both people and the environment and that is why it is important for us to continue our work with more sustainable materials.

The material choices we make affect the product's appearance, quality, function, feel and fit. All materials have their own challenges and we are therefore constantly working to evaluate and find the best, sustainable alternatives.


More sustainable materials

All materials we use, from garments to store interior and packaging, require natural resources. But it is possible to choose materials that have a less negative impact on people and the environment. We call these materials more sustainable and by that we mean that the raw material comes from a renewable or recyclable source, and that the fibre is cultivated and produced using methods that have less negative impact on nature's resources compared to conventional alternatives.

Our goal is that 100 per cent of our materials will be
recycled or sustainably sourced by 2025.

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Polyester and polyamide

Lyocell, viscose and modal

Animal fibres

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