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Lindex increases sales and greatly improves its result

Today, Lindex presents its result and sales for the second quarter of 2021 and reports a continued good development with greatly improved result and increased sales.

Lindex switches to biofuels for all ocean freight

All Lindex ocean freight will be decarbonised when the fashion company now switches to using biofuels. Lindex is one of the first to take this step, which is an important part of the fashion company's work towards its climate goals. 

Lindex takes circular step – launches second hand

As part of the fashion company’s circular transformation and sustainability promise to make a difference for future generations, Lindex launches second hand. By piloting a new circular business model, Lindex takes an important step in prolonging the lifetime of clothes together with its customers.

Lindex highlights Menstrual Hygiene Day and taboos around menstruation

For Lindex, women are always in focus and the fashion company works in many different ways to empower and inspire women everywhere. For Menstrual Hygiene Day on 28 May, Lindex highlights the important topic. For every menstrual cup sold at Lindex, the fashion company donates a menstrual cup to female textile workers in the company's production countries.

Lindex and WaterAid launch new project to improve even more women’s lives

Lindex and WaterAid launch a new joint project to increase access to clean water, sanitation and improved hygiene in Gazipur, an area in Dhaka, Bangladesh where many textile workers live. The launch is expansion of a collaboration that has already improved the lives of many people, especially women.

Improved result for Lindex for first quarter 2021

Today, Lindex presents its interim report and shows an improved result for the first quarter of 2021. A continued rapid digital growth, improved margins and cost saving actions contributed to the strengthened result.

Lindex opens store in Malta

Lindex has now opened its first store in Malta in the newly renovated Bay Street Shopping Complex in St. Julian’s. The new market is Lindex latest addition to its franchise expansion.

’WE Women by Lindex’ creates increased gender equality in supply chain

For Lindex, women are always in focus and women also have a vital role in the fashion company’s entire value chain. Lindex works in many ways to empower women, where ‘WE Women by Lindex’ is one of many initiatives. 

Lindex’s result and sales development for 2020 and the fourth quarter

Today, Lindex presents its result and sales for 2020 as well as the fourth quarter. The global corona situation and its effects had impact on the sales development during the year, but thanks to the fashion company’s rapid digital growth and effective cost saving actions, Lindex reports a stable full year result for 2020.
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