Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter

As a major player in the fashion industry we can influence women’s everyday life through our fashion, communication and actions as a company. We want to have a positive impact and have signed the Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter.

An initiative for common guidelines

The Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter is an initiative developed by the Swedish Fashion Council and Association of Swedish Fashion Brands. The initiative drives common guidelines of social sustainability for those who work in the fashion industry and for the consumers reached by the fashion industry’s messages and ideals. Being part of the Swedish Fashion Ethical Charter, we commit to taking responsibility for what we convey in terms of ideals and diversity, as well as ensuring a healthy work environment on, for example, photoshoots.


Inclusiveness and body positivity

The Swedish Fashion Charter is a commitment that goes hand in hand with our ambitions as a brand, because the woman is everything to us at Lindex. We are dedicated to being real and personal in our communication and we want all women to feel inspired and self-confident, no matter who they are, how they look or which walks of life they have chosen. Advocating inclusiveness and body positivity is also part of our sustainability promise, as one of our three core aims in our focus area “Empower women”.

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Empower women

Read more about one of our focus areas in
our sustainable promise: Empower women.

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