Better Denim

Denim production can be dirty, dusty and has one of the most water-intensive production processes in the fashion industry. We are on a journey to change this at Lindex and all our denim is what we call Better Denim. 

In 2014 we began our journey towards producing our denim in a way that leaves as little impact as possible and today all our denim at Lindex is what we call Better Denim. Better Denim has been developed along the way and means four things; that our denim is designed with longevity and circularity in mind, that we are increasing the share of recycled materials used and that we use resource efficient washing processes and cleaner dying processes.


Made to be used for a long time 

A circular approach to fashion is about being resource efficient in every stage throughout a garment’s lifecycle, and prolonging the lifetime of garments is often the most resource efficient of it all. We want our denim to be used often and be a long-term friend in our customer’s wardrobe. We design our denim with longevity and circularity in mind and we also put the quality to the test in labs as well as wear trials with people before making new pieces a part of our assortment. All to make sure our denim lasts.


Increasing the share of recycled materials

Denim is made from mostly cotton and with our Better Denim we always aim to increase the share of recycled cotton to reduce our impact. Because the material choices we make have a major impact on natural resources, including the amount of water needed. Cotton is a material that requires a lot of water to grow so by increasing the share of recycled cotton, we use what has already been produced and save thousands of litres of water.


Made with more resource efficient washing processes

When making denim, intensive washing processes are often needed to achieve the right look and feel. Washing denim the conventional way can use up to 25-30 liters of water per garment. But we have changed this at Lindex – our Better Denim only needs about 8-10 litres in the washing process to achieve the right look and feel. When we make our denim, we also use less and better chemicals and the production leaves cleaner waste water behind.

Made with cleaner dyeing process

Almost all of our Better Denim is dyed with DyStar Liquid Indigo Vat 40% Solution, which is a much cleaner indigo dye. The dye has better fixation than other dyes, which means there is less need for additional chemicals or several rinses after the dyeing. The dye is liquid and the process occurs in a closed system, which eliminates dust and significantly reduces contact with chemicals for the people working in the production.

Going further with just one bottle of water

Within our entire assortment where all is Better Denim, we also have a selection of styles where we have gone even further with the most resource efficient washing process possible. With innovative technology from Jeanologia, we have only used 1-2,5 litres of water in the washing process, which is about one bottle. Instead of water, air and laser are used to achieve the denim look and feel. 

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