Working at our offices

Behind the scenes of Lindex, are all the people working together every day to create the best experience for our customer. We have a head office, country offices and production offices that together make the backbone of Lindex.


Head office

The Lindex head office in Gothenburg have 400 employees working with everything from design and purchase to IT, communication, logistics and much more. From making sure the collections are responsibly made, to putting Lindex at the forefront of digital development, the team at head office all work together with a passion to empower and inspire women everywhere.

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Country offices

Our country offices are the ones making the business run smooth in every region where Lindex have stores. Because who knows better what works in a country than the people living there? Controlling, merchandising and human resources are some of the areas you can dive into at these offices. You can find the country offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia and Czech Republic.


Production offices

Our production offices work in close collaboration with our design and buying department in the development and production of the collections. They also work closely together with our suppliers to make sure that the styles that end up in store and online meets the standards when it comes to quality, fit and sustainability. We have six production offices in Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, India, Myanmar and Turkey.

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