Making mindful choices

Making mindful choices is one of the best ways to have a positive impact on the environment and for the future generations. We want everyone to have a wardrobe with clothes that they really love, take good care of and use often.

Why mindful choices make a difference

We want to empower and enable our customers to have a sustainable wardrobe and live a sustainable life. Many people only use a small part of their wardrobe and with today’s consumption, we use up more natural resources than the planet can handle. By making more mindful choices, you can build a wardrobe with clothes that you really love, take good care of and use often. And by prolonging the lifetime of your garments, you contribute to the use of less resources and consideration for the environment.

We are of course not putting it all on you as a consumer. We as a company have the greatest responsibility in reducing the climate impact of Lindex's entire business. You can read about how we take climate action throughout our value chain here. But analysis of our climate impact shows that about a fifth of Lindex's total carbon footprint lies with our customers in the user stage. In other words: the choices you make matter. 

Making mindful choices is about you

Making mindful choices can include many things, and it’s entirely up to you to decide what works for you. For us, making mindful choices is about choosing pieces from a brand you trust, that you feel are doing everything they can to work in a sustainable way. It can also be about choosing pieces made from more sustainable materials and with more sustainable processes – it sends an important signal on what you value as a consumer. For us, making mindful choices is also about considering what you really need and what you really like when building your wardrobe. It’s about your own style and finding your favourite pieces and colours that you can always come back to.

More things you can do

Taking care of your garments

Reuse and recycle

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