Animal fibres

Lindex supports the welfare of animals and works to ensure that this is considered in all stages of the production of our garments. All our suppliers are obliged to comply with Lindex Animal Welfare policy.


Wool is a natural fibre made from animal hair from mainly sheep. In our garments we use several types of wool such as alpaca and merino. Wool is a natural material with many advantages; it keeps you warm, it´s soft, has nice lustre, doesn´t wrinkle and has naturally cleaning properties. The wool fabric is temperature regulating and can therefore be used both when it´s cold or warm outside. A woollen garment lasts for a very long time if you handle it properly and usually it suffices to be aired instead of washed.

To ensure the welfare of the sheep and of the land they graze on, we mainly use RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified wool in our garments. RWS imposes requirements on the welfare of the sheep but also environmental requirements on farms. The standard requires that the soil on which the sheep graze and live on is used responsibly in terms of pesticides and biodiversity.

Until there are certifications that guarantee responsible animal welfare according to our Animal welfare policy, we have chosen to phase out mohair and cashmere.

Our goal at Lindex is that by 2025 all our wool should come from responsible agriculture with regard to the welfare of the animals and environmental requirements and be certified by an independent third party.


All leather used in Lindex products comes from animals bred for the food industry. Most of Lindex's leather straps are manufactured in Sweden from leather that comes from the EU. The leather in our belts is vegetable tanned which means that no chrome is used in the tanning process.


The down and feathers used in Lindex products have not been picked from live birds, nor do our clothes contain down from endangered or wild birds. We only buy downs that are certified according to the Responsible Down Standard, RDS, which is a standard to ensure that feathers and downs come from responsibly treated birds. Down in Lindex products are mainly used as filling in winter garments.


At Lindex we do not use genuine fur and we are included in the Fur Free Alliance list of fur free trade.

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