The refugee situation in the world often affects women and girls the most. We have a long-term partnership with UNHCR, the UN refugee agency, to support their important work for families forced to flee. 

Today, 100 million people over the world are fleeing from war, violence and persecution – and women and girls are extra vulnerable. In a refugee situation, women and girls face a greater risk of being exposed to violence and violations of their rights. In these situations, there is often a lack of social and legal protection systems that can provide the shelter, protection and care needed. UNHCR is one of the world’s foremost humanitarian organisations who operate in 138 countries. They do an important work in protecting people who have been forced to flee their homes, providing life-saving assistance and fighting for their rights.

The woman is everything to us at Lindex. We have a long-term partnership with UNHCR to contribute to their important work to protect women and kids who are fleeing. Since 2014 we have raised money in our Swedish stores for UNHCR’s work. We also collaborate with UNHCR globally based on needs that occur, such as the war in Ukraine.

(Photo: UNHCR/Zsolt Balla)

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Empower women

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