Circular fashion

With a growing population and unsustainable consumption patterns, we use up more natural resources than our planet can handle. And the fashion industry not only depends on our planet’s resources – we also consume a lot of them. To meet these challenges, resources need to be used in the best way and a circular approach to fashion is the only way to go.

Circular fashion is more than recycling

A circular approach to fashion is about resource efficiency at every stage, throughout a garment’s lifecycle. Using a garment for a long time, or giving it to someone else that can reuse it, prolongs the lifetime of the garment and is often the most resource efficient option. Recycling is the final step after the garment´s lifetime has been maximised, as it is more resource efficient compared to growing or producing new fibres and is key in a circular approach to fashion.

By 2025, 100 per cent of Lindex materials will be
recycled or sustainably sourced.

We need to make circular fashion possible

As a fashion company, we need to explore new circular ways of working and enable more sustainable consumption. Because even if consumption in the end is in the hands of the consumer, we need to create the conditions that makes it possible for fashion to be more circular and conscious choices to be easy. For example, using a garment for a long time is ultimately up to the consumer, but it depends on us offering products with great fit and quality. Choosing garments in recycled or sustainably sourced materials is in the hands of the consumer, but it is a choice that is far easier when we offer as much of our assortment as possible in recycled or sustainably sourced materials.

2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment

As collaboration is key to success, we have signed the 2020 Circular Fashion System Commitment by Global Fashion Agenda. Global Fashion Agenda is a group working to set a mutual agenda and industry direction on sustainability in fashion. The aim of the commitment is to accelerate the transition to a circular fashion system and based on its action points we have set three goals that support this.


By 2020, functional durability and ease of repair will be part of the design strategy for selected product groups and will add up to 10 per cent of our collections.


By 2020 all designers, buyers and production teams will be trained in design for circularity and the training will be part of the introduction package for new staff as a basic requirement.


By 2020 we will offer textile collection in all Lindex stores (excl franchise).

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What you can do

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