The little care guide.

By taking care of your clothes, you make them last even longer. This in turn is better for both the environment and your wallet, since you look after the items you already have. Here you’ll find tips on how to care for your jeans, swimwear and garments made in wool, silk and viscose.


Whether it’s beach season or not - there are a few things you can do to make your delicate swimwear last for many summers to come. Rinse in fresh water after every use, and try to dry it before packing it. Do not let it dry in direct sunlight. Also keep in mind that the protection offered by UV protecting swimwear may be reduced with frequent use, if stretched or when wet.


If you treat your denim garments well we can ensure many happy years of use. Good news for us who don’t like doing laundry; your jeans will look better the less you wash them. If you decide to give them a spin in the washing machine, turn them inside out before you do, and wash them as cold as possible.

When a garment is given the additional text “Colour may run”, you need to be extra careful with light fabrics and furniture as the colour of the garment can rub off. 

Let us airdry.

It will make us last longer. 


If you want to be really kind to your bra, handwashing is the way to go. A bra is a delicate piece. Treat it like a queen and it will last for a long time.


Wool is sensitive to felting and shrinkage. Think again when you feel like washing it. Maybe it’s enough to let them air for a while? If you really feel like washing, follow the care instructions carefully. Hand wash unless the care instructions state otherwise. Don’t rub the garment when hand washing. Don’t stretch while damp. Gently squeeze the garment after wash (don’t wring) and dry flat.


Silk is an investment. It’s a fabric that should be bought with a long term relationship in mind. You see, the natural material in silk garments needs some extra love and care, and we recommend a detergent suitable for silk when washing. Don’t iron it too hot, either. 

Washing bag

For all your delicate pieces that need some extra protection, a washing bag is your best friend.

More things you can do

Making mindful choices

Reuse and recycle

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