The Global Deal

The Global Deal for Decent Work and Inclusive Growth was launched by the Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén in cooperation with OECD and ILO in 2016. It gathers governments, private sector, trade unions and other organisations to address the challenges in the global labour market.

The Global Deal aims to encourage governments, businesses, unions and other organisations to make commitments to enhance social dialogue. And to create an effective social dialogue, it´s important that there is mutual respect and trust between employers, workers and governments.

With support from the Swedish government who brings up the question of social dialogue at all levels and opportunities we believe that the partnership with Global Deal can support us in achieving our ambitions.

We at Lindex want to improve the lives of women in the supply chain, and one of our goals within our sustainability promise is to take the lead in creating fair and equal workplaces for women. We are working on improving and enhancing social dialogue in our own operations and value chain. Through our program WE Women by Lindex we work with our suppliers and their factories to include gender equality into their management systems.

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WE Women by Lindex

Read more about WE Women by Lindex, where we work for more gender equal and inclusive workplaces in our supply chain.

Working conditions

Read more about how we work with working conditions in production, such as wages and overtime.

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