Women populate every part of our value chain, from field to fitting room and we feel a responsibility to every single one of them. Lindex is a member of CottonConnect and their program ‘Women in Cotton’ where female cotton farmers learn to improve their livelihood by using organic cotton farming practices.

Empowerment through knowledge

The ‘Women in Cotton’ program by CottonConnect trains female cotton farmers in cultivation skills and business management alongside health, education and labour rights. The women reached through ‘Women in Cotton’ are from tribal areas that are isolated and cut-off from mainstream development. They are under conversion from conventional farming to organic farming and have very basic knowledge on organic farming practices. 


With surplus from One Bag Habit, Lindex is supporting Women in Cotton and enabling 350 female farmers to be part of the 2-year program (starting October 2019).

About CottonConnect

CottonConnect is an organisation with a mission to transform the cotton industry for good by enabling brands and retailers to develop a more robust and resilient cotton supply chain. They connect brands and retailers to farmers to create a transparent supply chain, training farmers in agro-economic practices, and supporting the enhancement of farmers livelihoods and strong farming communities.

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Empower women

Read more about our focus area Empower women where one of our goals is taking the lead in creating fair and equal workplaces for women

One Bag Habit

Read more about the One Bag Habit initiative.


Cotton is our most commonly used fibre. Read more about how we work to make the cotton production more sustainable.

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