To celebrate women and creativity, we asked creatives to give us their take on our higher purpose - to empower and inspire women everywhere. Meet the winner of our competition, whose artwork is now a t-shirt print at LindexChristina Palm is an artist, interior designer, mother and she invited us to her home in Gothenburg. 


Hi Christina, tell us a little about yourself.

'I'm Christina, I live with my family in Gothenburg. I am a full-time mom, interior designer and the founder of C.PALM STUDIO where I spend the little free time that I have.'

Why did you enter our competition? 

'It was a competition I could not resist as women empowerment is very close to my heart. I've struggled a lot with low self-esteem through my life, but I have always been close to strong women in my family.  

I grew up with a hard-working single mom running her own business and having five children, where several of my siblings were in need of special support. I don't remember my mom sitting down, ever. But one thing I remember very clearly is that every time I showed her a new drawing I made, she stopped doing whatever she was doing and always took the time to look at my drawing. That made me feel so seen. And this encouraged me to keep drawing.  

My mom and my sisters are the strongest women I know, I often see their faces in the women I draw. I always give my women in the paintings name, and sometimes a little story behind their facial expressions. It's often a self-experienced story.'

'My mom and my sisters are the strongest women I know, I often see their faces in the women I draw.'

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What was your interpretation of 'empower and inspire women everywhere'? 

'When I drew this print I wanted to gather a group of different women with different styles. Almost like an army, because when women come together great things can happen, and we really need to stick together.'

What do you do to empower yourself? 

'I do things outside my comfort zone, like entering this competition. I schedule my life in sync with my cycle so that I don't push myself when I have my emotional week. I often visit my inner child and give her a hug.' 

'When women come together great things can happen, and we really need to stick together.'

In your opinion, how can we as women continue to empower each other? 

'I think it’s important to support each other in meetings, acknowledge a phrase said by another woman in the room. I do a yearly Christmas calendar at my Instagram for 24 days, sharing other female accounts each day. That has been really appreciated and I know a lot of women who were inspired to do the same thing.  

A way for me to empower other women is to continue to illustrate the differences in women – anything from skin colour or body shape.  

Some time ago I had a female friend who felt embarrassed to take food for the second time from a buffet. She was afraid of what people might think of her because she has curves. After a little pep talk that ended with me saying "break free and eat!" she finally went and filled her plate again. The next time I saw her she had embroidered my words and framed them for me as a thank you for making her ignore what other people might think of her. This is a memory I really treasure.' 

What are your dreams within your artistry? 

'After winning this wonderful competition I really feel tempted to do more clothing prints. I also dream about having a solo exhibition somewhere, where music is played and drinks are served. I would love to see my women hanging in a restaurant watching over the guests and secretly listening to what they’re saying.'

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