When producing garments chemicals are used in processes such as coloring, printing and washing. We work actively to limit the use of harmful chemicals in production, both for the sake of the environment, employees and suppliers in the value chain as well as for our customers’ health and safety.

It is important to us that our customers feel certain that our garments do not contain any hazardous residual products. We fulfill the requirements for REACH, and for several years our suppliers have been guided by Lindex own “Limitation of chemicals” list for chemicals that are not allowed in production because they present health or environmental hazards. Chemicals on the restriction list are not permitted for use in production and are not to be found in the finished product. Our suppliers undertake through written agreements to follow these restrictions, and several tests are performed during the production process to ensure that the requirements are complied with. The list is continuously updated to keep up with the applicable legislation in all of our sales markets and in the production countries. The strictest legislation applies in all markets.

We actively participate in different networks to gather information and knowledge about chemical risks in order to reduce the negative effects of using chemicals in production and find replacements for dangerous, harmful and undesirable chemicals. One aspect of this is our membership in the Swedish Chemicals Group.

Chemical tests are carried out on a regular basis by independent laboratories at our request. Comprehensive risk and safety assessments are made on every product and regular testing is carried out. The order is cancelled if a product is rejected. No products that have been rejected in the chemical tests are available for sale.