Ensure human rights

In every part of Lindex business, we depend on the decisions, hands and skills of people. People with rights and dignity that belongs to them, no matter who they are. It is our responsibility to make sure that fundamental human rights are respected in our entire value chain.

Global and vulnerable

The global development has in many ways made it possible for our society to prosper but it has also contributed to new challenges that cannot be overlooked. The environmental challenges along with one of the greatest refugee crisis of our time, has made many people more vulnerable to unfair treatment. It has changed the landscape for risks connected to human rights and modern forms of slavery such as forced labour are growing. And women and children are still the part of the population that is most likely to have their human rights compromised.

A holistic approach

There is no doubt that we must take responsibility for any human rights impacts connected to Lindex business, even when we have done nothing intentional to cause it. Because a lack of action is still an act. With a holistic approach to human rights, including every part of our business, we need to use our leverage through business relationships where we can, as well as work for a positive impact where we are not the ones in control.

There’s no responsibility without transparency

The larger and more complex a supply chain is, not only are the risks connected to human rights bigger, issues are also often more complicated to address. While transparency is a major challenge in the fashion industry, it is the key to making progress within all areas of sustainability including human rights. For us to truly be able to take responsibility, we must develop the transparency further down in our supply chain.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Being included and accepted for who you are is a basic human right and focusing on diversity, equity and inclusion is a moral necessity. Everyone should have equal opportunities to contribute fully to the success of Lindex, no matter who they are, where they come from, or the paths they have chosen. Diverse teams are smarter and more effective, which is why we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse culture that welcomes new ideas, new energy, and new perspectives. Together we create a workplace where everyone feels respected, valued, and welcome.

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Ensure human rights – our two core aims

Fair and decent work

Enabling safe and healthy workplaces where labour rights are respected and making sure our whole value chain is progressing within living wage. Here is a selection of our goals:

  • By 2025, Lindex's suppliers who stand for 80 per cent of our production show total supply chain transparency and commitment to improving working conditions
  • By 2025, Lindex's suppliers who stand for 80 per cent of our production work actively with a living wage program

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Making sure our whole value chain is free from discrimination and has an inclusive environment where all individuals are treated fairly, with respect and have equal access to opportunities and resources. Here is a selection of our goals:

  • Ensure that no discrimination and harassment occur in Lindex’s own operations, year by year

We continuously develop our goals, ambitions and strategies within our promise. More information and an update on our progress can be found in our annual sustainability report.

Together - as suppliers, partners, employees and customers – we can make a difference for future generations. Join us on this journey.

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Working conditions

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Transparency Pledge

Read more about our commitment to the Transparency Pledge, an initiative to push companies to be more transparent.

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