Empower women

For more than 65 years, Lindex has been a fashion company on a journey. Our sustainability promise is not just to those who love to wear our garments. Our company is filled with and surrounded by women, and we feel a responsibility to every single one of them.

Empower and inspire women everywhere

We exist to empower and inspire women. Women populate every part of our value chain, from field to fitting room. They pick the cotton, spin the thread, weave the fabric and sew our garments. They design and market our products, they decide how we run our business and they meet our customers every day. Of course, we also have many men in our value chain. They are just as an important part of Lindex and in everything we do to reach for our higher purpose.

It’s time for us to step it up!

As both an employer and retailer, we have always aimed to make life easier and more beautiful for women. Unfortunately, over the years, we have sometimes failed in this by accepting poor industry norms. Across our value chain, the wellbeing of women has been compromised – from poor labour conditions in manufacturing to unhealthy stereotypes and ideals in advertising. And while the woman is everything to us, she is also the key to the future. Women and girls bear much of the burden of the challenges in our society today and without real inclusion of half of the world’s population, a sustainable future remains out of reach. So, we will continue on our journey and use our business power and platform to have an impact. We have done a lot of good work which we will continue, but we are also stepping up in the areas where progress has been slow

Empower women – our two core aims

Female health and wellbeing

Investing and using our business power to improve women’s health and wellbeing in markets and communities where we operate.

Gender inclusive workplaces

Taking the lead in strengthening women’s positions and equal rights across our entire value chain, closing gender pay gaps and making sure women have the same opportunities to fulfil their potential as men have. Here is a selection of our goals:

  • By 2025, Lindex’s suppliers who stand for 80 per cent of our production have completed our Women Empowerment program and sustained the learnings

We continously develop our goals, ambitions and strategies within our promise. More information and an update on our progress can be found in our annual sustainability report.

Together - as suppliers, partners, employees and customers – we can make a difference for future generations. Join us on this journey.

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A healthy fashion industry

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Our code of conduct

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