Lindex develops unique AI solution to support its store employees

Lindex is taking a major step in its digital transformation by developing together with Microsoft and Xenit "Lindex Copilot", a ground-breaking AI tool that will revolutionise the way the fashion company supports its employees working in Lindex’s stores. By integrating ChatGPT into Lindex's own Azure infrastructure, the fashion company can offer immediate and personalised assistance.

"Together with Microsoft and Xenit, we have taken a significant step towards the future by developing an MVP of Lindex Copilot. At Lindex, entrepreneurship and commitment are important driving forces in our digital transformation, and it is precisely this driving force that has made it possible for us to offer our store employees a whole new level of support. We are proud to have reached our goal of showing that the tool works, and we now look forward to continuing to drive the development forward," says Annika Elfström, CIO at Lindex.

Lindex Copilot is specially designed to be trained on Lindex's own support data, making the tool an expert on all routines, processes and working methods involved in running a Lindex store. This enables the Lindex Copilot to offer contextually relevant and personalised support, understand their roles and responsibilities within the store and provide tailored advice and guidance.

Lindex Copilot is an example of how AI can be used to improve operations and optimise the customer experience. By leveraging the power of AI to offer better support to its employees, Lindex can increase efficiency and improve customer service. As Lindex continues to drive innovation and development, Lindex Copilot will play a critical role in ensuring that the fashion company continues to be a leading player in the fashion industry.

"The current AI development brings new opportunities for society as a whole, and I see AI as the perfect amplifier that can free up time for more creative and meaningful work in our workplaces. It is a resource for employees to do an even better job. Lindex Copilot is a brilliant example of how AI can be used to make it better for both employees and customers," says Thomas Floberg, vice president and chief operating officer at Microsoft Sweden.

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