Golden rain over Lindex in the Inhouse Awards 2023

Lindex's inhouse team won gold in three out of four categories - Idea of the Year, Campaign of the Year and Inhouse Team of the Year - in Resumé's and Dagens Media's Inhouse Awards competition. In addition to a gold, the fashion company also received a silver in the category Idea of the Year and a silver in the category Collaboration of the Year.

These wins are a great testament to our dedicated work and creative edge. It warms our hearts to see how our campaigns, in particular, 'Support Your Sisters' and 'Reinvent the Model' have effectively communicated and highlighted the female perspective in such an engaging way. The jury's motivation about our inclusive and empowering approach aligns completely with Lindex's higher purpose - to inspire and empower women everywhere. We are a strong team that will continue to challenge norms, spread positivity, and together make Lindex even stronger and more inclusive, says Linda Olsson Director of Global Marketing at Lindex. 

The motivation for Lindex as the winner in the category 'Campaign of the Year' is as follows: 
This year's Campaign is touching - you, a friend, mother, sister and the entire jury. It is as naked, brave and strong as the participating models. This is a creative, exemplary heartbreaking example of communication that engages deeply, removes stigma and breaks records in donation. Moreover, shaped completely in line with how the brand wants to be perceived - inclusive and empowering for all women. So skillfully executed!

Inhouse Awards is the competition that highlights and celebrates advertising and communication that is created internally at companies in Sweden. The competition is organised by Dagens Media and Resumé, which continuously monitor the inhouse area with news reporting, analysis and insights. 

The award ceremony where the winners were crowned and celebrated took place on 29 November at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm. 

Lindex's other winning motivations in the various categories 

Winner motivation Idea of the Year: 
How do we see ourselves? And how do we really see others? What norms and values exist in our society and are they healthy and inclusive or do they leave us with a sense of inadequacy? For long-term work that is significantly more than an advertising campaign, that both challenges and encourages, that spreads positivism and increased self-esteem, we give the award for Idea of the Year. 

Winner motivation Inhouse Team of the Year:  
When committed employees develop communication that is linked to real and important issues and therefore touching - the result is a stronger brand and increased sales. This is possible to achieve in a well-structured, creative, and courageous organisation, where more and more of the important tasks are handled entirely inhouse and where long-term and responsibility are two important keys to success. 

See Lindex's award-winning campaign videos here:
Support Your Sisters
Reinvent the Model


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