Lindex takes circular step with new fibre from recycled textiles

Lindex takes new circular step with a new viscose fibre based on OnceMore® – a unique, innovative process for large-scale textile recycling of blended materials. The collaboration with Södra, who are the originator of OnceMore, is an important step in Lindex's transformation to a more sustainable and circular assortment with raw material from recycled textiles.  

‘A part of our circular transformation at Lindex includes our choice of materials and reducing our impact and dependency on natural resources. Our collaboration with OnceMore is an important step in our circular transformation, where we want to increase the reuse of materials and reduce the use of virgin raw material. Today, there are major challenges regarding large-scale recycling of textiles where OnceMore is an important enabler. Through our collaboration, we can contribute to a more sustainable textile industry while taking further steps on our circular journey and reducing our environmental impact’ says Annette Tenstam, Strategic Lead Circularity & Environmental Sustainability, at Lindex. 

OnceMore is the world's first large scale process for recycling of textiles of blended materials and behind the innovation is Södra, Sweden’s largest forest owners association with 52 000 members. The process combines recycled textile with wood fibres from Swedish family forests, which creates a pure and high-quality dissolving pulp. With the large scale of the process, Lindex can already from the start produce about one million garments with the new fibre that is based on OnceMore, and is an alternative to the more sustainable viscose Lindex has been using for some time. The garments will be available in Lindex’s assortment starting in the beginning of 2023. 

’With OnceMore®, Södra has created a unique solution for making textile a part of the circular bioeconomy. The combination of recycled textile and renewable raw material from more sustainably managed family forests creates a product that can change the textile industry, and with a million OnceMore based garments we are taking an important step in the development. We are glad to do this in collaboration with Lindex. Together we can make a difference’ says Lotta Lyrå, CEO at Södra.  

The collaboration with OnceMore is in line with Lindex's sustainability promise – to make a difference for future generations - where one of the fashion company's goals is that by 2025, 100 per cent of Lindex's materials will be recycled or sustainably sourced. 

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