Lindex launches collaboration with Johanna Leymann and Jennie Dahlén

In line with its circular transformation, Lindex launches a collaboration with Swedish authors and opinion leaders Johanna Leymann and Jennie Dahlén. Lindex will sell the book Klä barnen – växa, ärva, fixa, laga and Johanna and Jennie will also share hands-on tips with Lindex’s customers on how to prolong the lifetime of garment and dress your kids in a more sustainable way.

’With a growing population and unsustainable consumption patterns, we use more natural resources than our planet can handle and as a fashion company we have a major responsibility today and for future generations. To meet these challenges, we are in a transformation at Lindex to a more sustainable and circular business – where each garment lives longer and where we can create value and growth at the same time as reducing our impact on the climate and natural resources. We also need to join forces with our customers and together drive a change in how we consume fashion. We are happy about our collaboration with Johanna and Jennie, where we together can reach more consumers and guide our customers to more sustainable consumption and simple ways to prolong the lifetime of your garments’ says Anna-Karin Dahlberg, Director of Sustainability at Lindex.

Jennie Dahlén and Johanna Leymann are Swedish authors, speakers and opinion leaders within sustainable fashion. Their new book Klä barnen – växa, ärva, fixa, laga will be sold in Swedish Lindex stores and on lindex.com starting in May. As part of the collaboration, Lindex will also have a live session with Johanna and Jennie in August as well as other activities in social media, where the duo will share hands-on tips to prolong the lifetime of garments and dress your kids in a more sustainable way.

’What is the most sustainable garment for kids? The one that is used over and over again. To pass on, buy second hand, mend and repair, and in other ways prolong the lifetime of a garment is not only much cheaper than buying something new, it is also climate smart and therefore an investment in your child’s future. The book is filled with lists, tips and tricks on all of it and how to find a system that makes it easier for the whole family to stay organised. It feels great that our book will reach even more parents thanks to our collaboration with Lindex’ says Johanna Leymann and Jennie Dahlén.

The collaboration with Johanna and Jennie is in line Lindex’s circular transformation, that is a key part of the fashion company’s sustainability promise – to make a difference for future generations. 2021 went in the right direction, where Lindex reported its highest sales and best result ever at the same time as producing fewer garments and reducing its climate emissions. As part of its transformation, Lindex also explores new circular business models and has a goal that the entire assortment will be designed for longevity and/or circularity by 2025.

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