Lindex highlights the importance of examining your breasts regularly

With its campaign 'Support your Sisters', Lindex wants to highlight the importance of examining your breasts regularly and how important it is to support the research. Through strong portraits, the fashion company shows a close and honest portrait of women who have survived a cancer diagnosis thanks to research. During October, the fashion company will donate 10 percent of all bra sales to cancer research. 

"Our higher purpose - to empower and inspire women everywhere – is key in everything we do at Lindex. Joining forces with the Pink Ribbon campaign and contribute to the cause is very important for us, and every year the Pink month engages both our customers and employees. Together, we contribute to the important research that depends on donations to make new progress," says Sanna Lindgren, Director of Culture & Communications at Lindex. 

Lindex's campaign message 'Support your sisters' is both about how important it is to support and contribute to cancer research, as well as how crucial it is to regularly examine one's breasts. 

“It took a lot of courage for the women in the campaign to stand in front of the camera and show their scars and bodies after undergoing cancer treatment. We are touched by their unique stories and grateful that they help us reach out to our customers about how important it is to regularly examine your breasts to discover as early as possible when something is not right," says Linda Olsson, Director of Global Marketing at Lindex. 

During October, ten percent of all bra sales will be donated to cancer research. At lindex.com there is a step-by-step guide on how to do a self-examination. The breast self-exam guide is a way for the fashion company to contribute to spreading knowledge about the importance of regularly examining one’s breasts. 

Lindex has been involved in the Pink Ribbon campaign since the start in 2003 and has together with its customer raised a total of 17,7 MEUR for cancer research. 

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