Lindex recalls snap-on bracelet with a cat head

We have discovered that a snap-on bracelet with a cat head is incorrectly constructed and does not meet Lindex’s safety requirements. The metal component inside the bracelet is not properly protected which means that its sharp edges may pose a risk of injury. 

The product recall applies to the snap-on bracelet with a cat head made in black faux fur and in speckled faux fur, Lindex article number 7933964. 

We encourage all customers who have received or bought this snap-on bracelet to return it to the nearest Lindex store for a full refund. Customers with questions can contact Lindex customer service e-mail: 

We care about our customers’ health and safety. Our products undergo extensive controls to meet our safety requirements. We regret that this snap-on bracelet incorrectly has passed Lindex safety and quality controls.  

For more information, please contact:

Kristina Hermansson
Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: 46 (0)31 739 50 70

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