Susanne Ehnbåge starts as CEO of Lindex

Susanne Ehnbåge, who was appointed the new CEO of Lindex in January, starts her position at the fashion company today.

Susanne has solid skills and experience in retail and in driving successful digital commerce. Susanne’s driving forces, such as generating results and developing the business with a focus on customer experience, will also be valuable assets for Lindex continued development.

It feels fantastic to have now joined the company. Retail, including Lindex, is undergoing an interesting development with a strong focus on digitalisation and meeting customers’ changing behaviour. Lindex journey has made a strong impression on me and it’s very exciting to lead the continuous development work, says new CEO, Susanne Ehnbåge.

The fashion company has focused on increasing its profitability and competitiveness throughout the year. To enhance the overall shopping experience, Lindex is focusing even more on the digital experience and strengthening its customer meeting. Customising the store portfolio by turning unprofitable stores around and offering new store concepts and services is also an important strategic focus for meeting customers’ needs and wishes.

The foundation of success is based on customers’ wishes and exceeding their expectations. I am impressed by Lindex strong commitment and company culture and look forward to, together with all employees, continue developing Lindex into a strong global brand, says Susanne.

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