Lindex releases sustainability report for 2017

Today Lindex sustainability report for 2017 is released. The fashion company shows progress within several areas, as a result of dedicated sustainability work with partnership, innovation and transparency in the centre.

I am very proud of the progress we have made within sustainability, which is thanks to the dedicated work of the Lindex employees and our partners. We will continue our sustainability journey and drive the change that is necessary for our future, says Elisabeth Peregi, interim CEO at Lindex.

In the sustainability report Lindex summarises 2017 and focus on the progress made as well as the company’s challenges and opportunities. The entire report is available to read here. In the report Lindex describes its initiatives and results during 2017, with highlights such as:

New circular ways of working

In spring 2017 Lindex launched Re:Design, a collection of upcycled products made from Better Denim garments from previous seasons. In the making of the collection, Lindex explored new circular ways of working, using less resources and prolonging the garments’ lifetime.

New innovative denim process

Lindex launched new Even Better Denim styles in autumn 2017. These were more sustainable than ever before with more sustainable materials, washing process, dyeing and trims. The styles were made with new innovative technology, using only two litres of water in the washing process.

Taking action for gender equality in the supply chain

During the year Lindex launched WE Women by Lindex, a project where the fashion company takes action for gender equality in the supply chain and work to create more equal and inclusive workplaces.

Reducing the consumption of shopping bags

In June 2017 Lindex launched the initiative One Bag Habit in Sweden, together with industry peers, to reduce the consumption of shopping bags and increase awareness about bags negative impact on the environment. Since the launch Lindex has seen a significant change and only about 30 per cent of Lindex customers has chosen to buy a shopping bag.

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