Linköping City is Lindex Store of the Year 2016

The store Linköping City, Sweden have won 2016 years price as Lindex Store of The Year. The jury’s motivation is: 

The store has done an impressive job over the past year with increased sales and result and is a true role model in great team-work and giving fantastic service. With a clear, involving and committed leadership and an amazing team spirit the store delivers a world-class fashion experience

We have interviewed Store Manager Anna Svahn to hear more about how they managed to win the price.

 Congratulations! How does it feel?
 – Thanks! It feels absolutely incredible and unbelievable! We are so happy and proud! 

Why do you think that you won?

– We believe that the biggest reasons why we have won this fantastic award is our great sales growth in recent years and our amazing team spirit that really creates a positive energy in the store and spreads to our customers. As a leader I try to make use of everybody’s strengths and let them educate each other and take different forms of responsibility. We are really proud of the journey that we have done as a team!

How will you celebrate this?
 – We haven’t really had the chance to think of that yet but of course we will do something fun together in the team! This prize is unbelievable when you think about it, how are we suppose to work after receiving this news!


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