Lindex opens store on Åland

Lindex opens the first store on Åland in May 2017. The Lindex store will be located in the heart Mariehamn, in a central location in the shopping centre, Zeipels. 

Lindex has previously been present in Åland via the company’s online shop and the demand is big also for a physical store.

Since 2010 we offer our customers on Åland the possibility to shop online. The demand for a physical store has been big and it feels great to finaly open. We look forward to offer our customers a world-class fashion experience, says Kirsi Rauhala, Country Manager in Finland.

The store interior consist of light colours where different shades of white and touches of black and wood to give it a Scandinavian feel. In addition, red accents and details throughout the store reflect the brand’s trademark and logo. The simplicity of the interior and the sustainable design and quality are other details that reflect the Lindex brand ethos.

The store has a sales are of 650 square meters and is a full concept store with fashion for women, children, lingerie and cosmetics. The investment is a continuation of the fashion chain’s international expansion.

For more information, contact: 

Miriam Tjernström
Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Phone: 46 (0)31 739 50 60

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