Lindex makes it easy to find the right trousers

With the new concept ‘Pants Solution’, it becomes easier than ever for Lindex customers to shop trousers and discover their favorites in new modern designs.

We know that many women find it difficult to buy pants and we will change that. With Lindex ‘Pants Solution, it becomes easier than ever for our customers to buy pants, says Malin Lindgren, Design and Purchasing Director at Lindex.

Three years ago, Lindex launched Bra-volution, which since then has made it easier for thousands of women to find bras with their perfect fit. Now, Lindex uses the same concept for their trousers and presents the various fits with women’s names. When the customers have found their favorite trousers, it will be easy to discover them in new modern designs without even trying.

“Let’s say you’ve tried some different models and found that Nomi is one of your favorites. Then you know that all pants with the same name fit just as good, regardless of the design, material or take. It simplifies shopping both in store and online”, says Malin Lindgren.

Nea, Iris and Nomi are three of the trousers that Lindex customers get to know. Some have already found the stores and more are coming. This fall, customers get the opportunity to get to know 15 different types of fits. The new concept include everything from denim pants and twill to dressed trousers.

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