Lindex launches new Even Better Denim – made with less water than ever before

Lindex launches new Even Better Denim styles that are more sustainable than ever. The washing process for one pair of denim jeans requires 50-70 liters when done the conventional way. Lindex has reached new levels with their Even Better Denim styles, which are made with a washing process using only one bottle of water.

We are on a denim journey where we explore how we can offer our customers amazing denim with the least environmental impact possible. We are very excited to launch these new Even Better Denim styles, where we through collaboration and new technology have reached a new milestone, says Anna-Karin Dahlberg, Sustainability Manager at Lindex.

Lindex new Even Better Denim styles have been developed in collaboration with Spanish denim consultants Jeanologia and are made with the most sustainable washing process possible. With new innovative technology, Lindex has used air and laser to achieve the results. Only 2 liters of water, one bottle, has been used in the washing process. The process is better for the environment as well as for the people who work in production.

The Even Better Denim styles are also made from more sustainable materials such as post-consumer recycled cotton and recycled polyester. The styles are dyed in the cleanest indigo dye on the market which is better for both the environment and the people who work in the production. The styles also has more sustainable trims such as buttons, zippers and pocket bags.

In 2014 Lindex began their denim journey towards producing denim in a more sustainable way. Significant progress was made and today 100 per cent of Lindex denim assortment is Better Denim, made from more sustainable materials and with more sustainable washing processes that only uses 8-12 liters of water. Lindex continuously work with small collections of Even Better Denim styles to develop their more sustainable denim assortment even further by seeking innovations and exploring new solutions. The ambition with Even Better Denim is to find improvements that can later be implemented in Lindex entire denim assortment.

The Even Better Denim styles are available in Lindex women’s and kids’ assortment and will be sold in all Lindex stores and at lindex.com from week 44.

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