Lindex employees show record high levels of commitment in a new survey

Lindex conducted a global employee survey to gain insight into how employees view Lindex as a workplace and its culture. The result of the survey was record high compared to other same size companies. Lindex results specifically stand out on parameters such as commitment, information and the degree of identification to Lindex as a workplace and as a company.

The percentage of positive employees is at 79 percent, which is a 16 percentage points higher than Ipsos’ database. The level of committed employees is particularly high with 81 percent at Lindex, compared to 65 percent in Ipsos’ database. According to Christer Siwertz, responsible for the survey at Ipsos, the result is unique in its kind among companies in Lindex size.

In the survey result we can really see that Lindex cares for and engages their employees. Characteristics for Lindex is in particular the strong commitment, access to information throughout the organization, leadership and the very high scores on the minimum level on next to all markets, says Christer Siwertz, responsible for the survey at Ipsos.

Creating an involved, vision and value-driven corporate culture has been an important focus for Lindex for many years.

The result is amazing and a real acknowledgment that we have created a corporate culture and leadership where the employees’ ideas and dedication have been crucial to our successful development. In a fast moving digital world, our employees are our most important resource.  It’s crucial for us that everyone feels highly committed and happy in their work in order for us to create a wonderful shopping experience for our customers, says Sofia Brax, HR and Sustainability Director at Lindex.

The survey was conducted among 2 606 participants by the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017.

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