Cleanest indigo dye on the market in Lindex Better Denim

Today almost 90 percent of Lindex denim assortment is dyed with the cleanest indigo dye on the market which is better for the environment and the people working with it. Cleaner denim production is part of Lindex denim journey and our goal that 80 percent of all processes will be more sustainable by 2020.

We work on reducing the environmental footprint in all parts of our denim production, from fibre to finished product. We are proud to have taken this big step in the dyeing process, which stands for a major part of the impact for both workers and the environment. We will continue our denim journey and we have more great things to come, says Anna-Karin Dahlberg, Production Sustainability Manager at Lindex.

Almost 90 percent of Lindex denim assortment is dyed using DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution, an indigo dye that is the cleanest on the market. Using DyStar Indigo Vat 40% Solution is better for the people working in the factory as well as for the environment. The dyeing process has a lower environmental impact saving water, energy and chemicals. The indigo dye is liquid which eliminates all dust in production. The process occurs in a closed system which significantly reduces the factory workers contact with chemicals.

For more information, contact: 

Miriam Tjernström
Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Phone: 46 (0)31 739 50 60

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