Lindex takes new sustainable step with ‘Even Better Denim’

Lindex launch their new ‘Even Better Denim’ styles containing post-consumer recycled cotton. The styles represent a new step in Lindex journey towards even more sustainable denim and closing the loop.

Lindex new ‘Even Better Denim’ styles in their women’s and kids’ assortment consist of more sustainable cotton and post-consumer recycled cotton sourced in the supply chain. The styles are also dyed in a cleaner and more sustainable process that is more resource efficient. Zippers, buttons, labels and other details are the most sustainable alternatives that Lindex has found on the market.

We are proud of our new step towards reducing the environmental impact and closing the loop. Old garments that normally would have gone to waste has now become part of our new ‘Even Better Denim’ styles. That way we reduce the use of virgin material, saving water and energy in production, says Sara Winroth, Sustainability Manager of Lindex

In 2014 Lindex began their denim journey towards producing denim in a more sustainable way. Significant progress was made and today 100 per cent of Lindex denim assortment is made from more sustainable cotton and with more sustainable processes that require up to 45 per cent less water and 27 per cent less energy. Lindex work with the ‘Even Better Denim’ styles to develop their more sustainable denim assortment even further by seeking innovations and exploring new solutions. The ambition with ‘Even Better Denim’ is to find improvements that can later be implemented in Lindex entire denim assortment.

The ‘Even Better Denim’ styles will be sold in all Lindex stores and at from week 42.

For more information, please contact:

Miriam Tjernström
Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Phone: 46 (0)31 739 50 60

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