Lindex is launching “We Make Fashion Feel Good” with a manifesto

With “We Make Fashion Feel Good”, Lindex is taking the next step in the successful development of its brand. In a clear and substantial way the fashion chain express what the Lindex brand stands for and what it offers to its customers.

 The new communication concept is being launched with a manifesto, where Lindex standpoint and different aspects of the brand is in focus.

At Lindex, we are very proud of many things – our quality, fit and the fantastic service we offer to customers, which makes it easy and convenient to shop. The social commitment, with a focus on women, and sustainability in general are important areas where there is much to do and where we constantly work in a goal-oriented way to be even better at everything we do, says Ingvar Larsson, CEO of Lindex.

With “We Make Fashion Feel Good”, the fashion chain is communicating its inspiring and affordable fashion in a new way to its customers. The concept is being launched today, in all of the company’s markets, by displaying the manifesto in Lindex store windows and online. Going forward, “We Make Fashion Feel Good” will be Lindex pay off and will be an integrated part in the company’s marketing communication in all channels.

Read the entire Lindex manifesto here

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