Lindex joins initiative for protection of endangered forests

Today, Lindex announces its commitment to CanopyStyle, the global campaign with the fashion industry to protect endangered forests. Together with other leading apparel companies and designers, Lindex joins the international environmental not-for-profit organisation Canopy in their efforts to stop the world’s forests from falling victim to this season’s latest fashions.

Joining the CanopyStyle campaign, Lindex commitment is aligned with, and builds on, the broader collective work towards ensuring a viscose supply chain free of ancient and endangered forests by 2017. This commitment is a part of Lindex ongoing work towards its goal to have at least 80 percent of their garments made from sustainable sources by 2020, and sets a strong leading policy allowing customers to buy garments that has less negative impact on the environment.

Lindex has a strong handle on our supply chain, we see Canopy as a well-positioned partner to help us build a clear picture of who our viscose suppliers should and shouldn’t be moving forward. We are pleased to make this commitment for the future of world’s forests and the people, plants and animals who call these forests home. says Anna-Karin Dahlberg, Production Support Manager at Lindex.

Since the public launch of the CanopyStyle campaign two years ago, the link between forests and fashion has shifted from being a largely unknown issue to an environmental priority for the sector. Brands are working to ensure future supply doesn’t harm critical forests or contribute to deforestation while encouraging solutions such as manufacturing fabrics from recycled clothing instead.

“With 55 brands and designers representing $85 billion in annual sales now joining together to protect forests there is a clear market signal to fabric producers: eliminate sourcing from endangered forests. What’s exciting is how this momentum is already translating back through the supply chain to alleviate stress on critical forest hotspots like Indonesia’s rainforests and Canada’s Boreal.” says Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director of Canopy.
In 2016, we expect to see the global viscose supply start to undergo independent verification audits to establish that their fabrics are free of ancient and endangered forests.

Canopy is a not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests, species and climate. Canopy collaborates with more than 750 companies to develop innovative solutions, make their supply chains more sustainable and help protect our world’s remaining ancient and endangered forests. Canopy’s work relies on the support of individual donors who share our passion for the planet.

Read more about CanopyStyle at www.canopystyle.org

For more information, please contact:
Linda Skogsberg
Sustainability Communications Coordinator, Lindex
Phone: +46 (0) 31 739 51 58
E-mail: linda.skogsberg@lindex.com

Laura Repas
Communications Director, Canopy
Phone: +1-416-729-7484
Email: laura.repas@canopyplanet.org

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