Lindex customers more satisfied than ever

Lindex conduct a Customer Experience Survey in all of their Nordic markets to get insight on how the customers rate the Lindex store experience. The result from the latest survey, that was answered by 75.000 people, was all-time high and the fashion company has improved their results in many aspects.

The share of satisfied customers is now 89 percent which is an increase of 5 percent units since the last survey. The main explanation for this improvement is mainly related to how the customers experienced the store service.

We have identified significant improvements related to how the sales personnel greeted the customers in the store and made them feel welcome. The sales personnel have also been perceived knowledgeable and able to answer the customer’s questions. We can really see that Lindex is taking the customers’ experience seriously and are working very dedicated with this is their stores, says Christer Sjöqvist, responsible for the survey at Ipsos.

To really make an impact through service has been an important focus at Lindex in recent years. The survey was conducted for the third year in a row and for each year the results has continued to improve.

“We want all customers who visit Lindex stores to have a welcoming, inspiring and easy shopping experience. We see every customer, and strive to make the customer experience outstanding. The positive result from the survey is great news and a confirmation that we have done a great work in this area”, says Ingvar Larsson CEO at Lindex.

For more information, contact;

Miriam Tjernström
Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Phone: 46 (0)31 739 50 60

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