Mathilda joins Lindex PR office in Stockholm

Mathilda Wilhelmsdotter Gundmark, a perfect match for the profile, ”a bold, energetic and a proactive PR professional” has started at the PR office in Stockholm. We are looking forward to a “Mathilda effect” to increase our press coverage and media presence to reach and inspire our customer even more!

Welcome to Lindex, How does it feel?

Thank you, becoming a part of Lindex feels fantastic. So much is happening at Lindex right now: upcoming collections with a high fashion content, the influences of the relatively new design manager Nina Starck, exciting design collaborations and of course Lindex expansion internationally. It’s really going to be super fun to be a part of this journey.

What were you doing before?

“Before I started at Lindex I worked as a project manager at the photograph agency LundLund, I have also been a project manager at a production bureau  and worked as a PR consultant for Louis Vuitton, Gant & Nikolaj d Etolie. My career in fashion and media started at the market and advertising department at Bon magazine”.

What do you plan to do first?

”I will focus on being proactive, to increase the activity in our stylish showroom and inspire our visitors, to increase the knowledge about Lindex different activities and promotions. I also want to get Lindex products exposed to a higher grade in the fashion press, blogs and by opinion makers.”

How will your previous experiences help you in your new role at Lindex?

”My previous experiences in the trade has given me a large network of contacts as well as an ability to tackle challenges head on. I’m a social and positive person and I believe that my dedication to Lindex and our collections will be reflected in the relations I develop in my role at Lindex PR department.”

For more information, please contact:
Kaisa Lyckdal
Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Phone: +46 (0)31 739 50 60
E-mail: kaisa.lyckdal@lindex.com

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