The most important autumn looks at Lindex

“We talk more about important pieces and key phenomena than about specific fashion trends this autumn”, states Nina Starck, head of design at Lindex.

As the most important overall orientations in the autumn collections at Lindex Nina mentions these three – soft, sensual power and casual luxury. In addition to these Nina Stark also counts the following phenomena that are in fashion focus during the coming autumn season – maximized, surfaces, sets, blockings, text and number prints, grey and off white."

Soft – all that is soft, subtle, and easy with a laid back attitude. The qualities really are the essence in the fashion for this season. All is smooth, warm, cosy and nice.

Sensual power – the play with the masculine and the super feminine inspires in the autumn fashion. Women borrow pieces from the man´s wardrobe, such as the clean, elegant trousers. These are teamed with something ultra-feminine like a lace camisole for the right sensual feeling.

Casual luxury – the fashion is moving in an easier, a more laid back direction with comfort in mind. Casual luxury and volume characterize this relaxed off duty fashion with details such as embellishment and metallic prints.

Maximize – is for volume. Think big this autumn – for example chunky knitwear, a volume maximized skirt with lots of width, or maxi lengths.

Surfaces – all that is tactile. There is a lot of surface interest in the autumn collections. The qualities are very soft, sometimes a bit hairy – there are lots of furs, like fur coats, but also in details. Contrasting to all that is soft there are also surfaces that are more rough and harsh. Sometimes it is difficult to decide if a quality is knitted of woven, but it does not matter it is the expression that is important.

The set – we are going to dress in coordinated sets and kits this autumn. A skirt together with a matching top is stylish, and comfortably casual. The sets show also blockings, created with contrasting colors or qualities giving the outfit a modern and exiting look.

Letters and numbers – used as prints inspired by the hip hop culture and street fashion. These are used to give the more formal outfit a cool edge.

Grey and off white – these are among the most important colors for this autumn and will be even more interesting when used monochrome, in an all grey or off white outfit without any accents.

For further information, please contact:
Helen Nord
Showroom Coordinator, Lindex
Phone: +46 (0)8 411 80 00
E-mail: helen.nord@lindex.com

Nina Starck
Design Manager, Lindex
Phone: + 46 (0)31 739 52 90
E-mail: nina.starck@lindex.com

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