TOMORROW by Emma Lindqvist for Lindex

During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Stockholm, Sweden, earlier this year, designer Emma Lindqvist was announced as the winner of Lindex design award, given for best design idea and collection. The prize consists of the chance to design a collection for Lindex as well as 50,000 SEK in prize money.

Emma is a master student in Fashion Design at the Swedish School of Textiles – a program sponsored by Lindex – and she is the first to receive this award.

“It feels great to be given the opportunity to do this together with Lindex. It has been an intensive and instructive autumn. We have developed a couple of garments from my graduation collection and reworked them for production with all that this entails. Of course, it makes a big difference getting to visit the factories in Turkey and seeing the finished collection when you are used to doing everything yourself by hand, and the end result was really amazing,” says Emma Lindqvist.

The collection TOMORROW by Emma Lindqvist is based on Emma’s graduation collection 5-i-9, and consists of 10 garments with different prints that vary from colourful pixel patterns to more graphic, black and white themes. The starting point is screen printing and how themes can be composed by printing different colours on sheer layers.

“When the different layers move on top of each other, they create a three-dimensional depth which has been important for me to retain also in the collection for Lindex. For me, it is the combination of different prints that makes the collection interesting and makes it possible to match the garments. The more prints the better!” says Emma Lindqvist.

Lindex Head of Design, Nina Starck, who is a member of the jury together with Lindex purchasing and design management, believes in encouraging and supporting new talents in the fashion design industry. This award marks the start for Lindex venture for collaboration with new designers and creators.

“It is always exciting to see the design students’ graduation projects. They don’t work with the same criteria as established brands, possess a tantalising sense of freedom and there are an incredible number of great talents out there. We fell for Emma’s fantastic prints and confidence with colour, which she has now brought into her collection for Lindex,” says Nina Starck.

TOMORROW by Emma Lindqvist will be for sale at lindex.com and in select stores in Sweden, Norway and Finland from January 29.

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