Lindex in media – angora

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), has made a video clip that is shown in several media channels for the past few days about a reportage of animal treatments on angora rabbits on a couple of farms in China. Lindex strongly oppose to the treatment of the rabbits shown in the video.

Lindex set demands on our suppliers through our contract agreement where good animal husbandry is a requirement. Lindex supports animal rights and works to make sure that animal rights are respected in all aspects of refining.

We have a regular dialogue with our suppliers in China through our production offices with both registered and unregistered visitors to our suppliers. The difficulty with Angora rabbits is that it comes from many different producers. Until we have the opportunity to further track, secure and manage the production, we will look for other alternatives in the future and will not purchase any Angora products for our assortment.

We will not waste already produced goods. We are aware of the moral aspect and have considered it against the environmental aspect and thenfore taken the decision to sell the already produced goods.

Customers who wish to return products made of angora by Lindex, can do it in the nearest Lindex store or contact Lindex customer service.

Read more about Lindex CSR work and the diskussion on Facebook.

For more information, please contact:

Kaisa Lyckdal Press Relations Manager, Lindex
Tel: 46 31 739 50 60
E-mail: kaisa.lyckdal@lindex.com


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